[Interview] ” It is important to me that there should be heart in both melody and song and that I myself feel that I am touched by the words – Ann Winsborn

Ann Winsborn is known for her two studio albums – Everything I Am released in 2003 and Pink Collar Crime from 2005 promoted by a song „La La Love On My Mind”

Last year she came back with swedish single „Solen Dansar I Ditt Har” in May and then with second song „Fall Into Pieces”

I welcome you to read my interview with Ann

Mariusz Majchrzak: What’s up? What made you come back to creating and publishing music?

Ann Winsborn: I’ve always regretted from the beginning that I took a break from music. It’s my great passion and I’ve written music during this period and felt that now is the time to bring it up again. I don’t want to miss more days without working with music and being able to release songs and touch others with my music.

16 years have passed between your last album. What were you doing during the time when you weren’t releasing music (except the Swedish single Karlekens Makt in 2012)

I moved to Stockholm to be closer to the music industry and took a job in the recruitment industry and was Operationally responsible for 3 offices in Sweden. It would only be a short period to get started with the music but the job provided a sense of security and time just passed. Never stopped writing music but the second job took all the time and then during this period I have also had 2 children who today are 7 and 4 years old.

How you remember the time of your popularity in 2003-2006? (the biggest one was here – in Poland)? What was the most memorable thing you remembered?

Everything went very fast in Poland and I know I felt like I was living my dream. I remember everything exactly as if it were yesterday. A magical performance in Elk the most fun I’ve ever done. The kindness I was treated with. All the meetings with my fans were amazing.

By looking at your photos on instagram, we can see that you are working on new music. Can we expect a third album this year or in the near future?

That’s definitely my goal and what I want. I work both with music in Swedish in Sweden but also a follow-up of pop/dance music in English. I’m going to work really hard to get there.

You are a independent artist in a small swedish label MNM Records. Have you sent your demos to major labels or would you rather be independent?

The latest song „Fall into pieces” was released via MNM Records, but I as an artist am not with that company. I’m looking for partners in slightly larger record labels that I think are needed to be able to reach out in this tough industry.

Recently, I asked you do you plan to refresh your greatest hits – La La Love On My Mind, Be the one, Everyting I Do, Je n’ais Pas Compris, for example in acoustic versions?

Yes, it is a very good idea and I am thinking about this a lot. It would have been fun to give new life to the songs after so long.

Are you or would you like to still working with Robert Olausson – the creator of your biggest hits?

Robert is a super great person and when I worked with him he was a songwriter, producer and A/R but now he has chosen a different track and doesn’t work in that role anymore otherwise I would have liked to have worked with him.

What could you say about your latest single “Fall Into Pieces”, who you worked with on this song?

When I released new music in Sweden in Swedish, I was contacted by Fredrik and Pierre, who own MNM Records and who asked if we could write music together and get a sequel to my international career. It resulted in Fall Into Pieces. The song felt like a great comeback in the same genre and the song is about getting up again after the end of a relationship.

How do you work on music? First is the melody or the words?

First I usually start with the melody and then I build the words according to the feeling in the melody. It is important to me that there should be heart in both melody and song and that I myself feel that I am touched by the words.

Would you like to return to playing concerts after the pandemic is over?

Yes, that’s what the plan looks like! really can’t wait to get out there and play again.

What are the most important things you learned from the debut album „everything i am” to today, in music?

It was my music school where I learned how everything works in the music industry and the feeling of knowing that this is where I belong. I learned what it means to be an artist and I love it.

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